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I've done plenty of brand work in my career, but the main challenge was the time crunch we had to get something together for a small festival in which the owner had two films premiering.

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    Slam Dunk Cinema
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    Film / Entertainment
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    Graphic Designer, Marketer
Brand Stationary Website

Brand Design

Process and Solutions

With the last name Duncan, there were some ideas we had for naming and wanted to go with Slam Dunk. The last part was tricky, due to the fact that our options were limited because URLs and the like were taken. Cinema seemed to work perfectly.

I thought it would be fun to create a basketball hoop with a movie ticket and film reel. The outcome was well-liked, and I wanted to make sure the name was bold and legible from within.

Slam Dunk Cinema Logo and Brand Design

Stationary / Business Cards

Process and Solution

We wanted to go a simplistic route with the stationary, use the appropriate colors, and add some interactivity. The QR code heads straight to his website, and the orange is very vibrant.

We used to make the business cards, and they came out better than we had hoped.

Slam Dunk Cinema Resume and Business Card Design

Website Design & Development

The Process

Does the site layout look familiar? That's because I used my current layout to test his website before my refresh. Not only did I resolve things to help with his website, but it helped translate over to what I was trying to accomplish. Two birds, one stone.

Most director websites are very bland and barren, so I tried to ramp up the style as much as possible to further stand out from the heavy competition.

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Slam Dunk Cinema Website Design and Development