Artificial Malice

Short Film — Design / Branding / Video


This was my very first film I was a part of, so I felt the weight of importance and reliance on what I could offer to ensure that the film was seen as a Sci-Fi/Drama. In the end, it turned out better than I'd hoped.

  • Company
    Slam Dunk Cinema
  • Industry
    Film / Entertainment
  • Role
    VFX Artist, Poster Artist
Poster Practical & VFX Trailer

Poster Design

Process and Solutions

We were obviously going for a 'Black Mirror' style, so I looked up ways to create a chipped glass effect. I wanted to make sure the 'power' button was in full display, so I photoshopped it to where the power button was cut out of the glass.

Another decision was placement. I wanted to have the Android in the center, since he is dividing the family with his aggressive behavior. The opposites of the characters show their emotions very clearly with how stressed and upset they are.

Artificial Malice Poster Graphic Design

Practical & Visual Effects (VFX)

Process and Solutions

This was the very first time I did any sort of VFX. It didn't prove to be a challenge, but was more intimidated by the importance of how this can help the film be sold as a Sci-Fi Drama.

The practical effects was something I was used to. We got the actors to do a photoshoot behind a green screen, and I found convincing backgrounds and changed the lighting to help sell the photography in the film.

UX/UI design is one of my favorite things - so making a fake App PDF to fit in a p hone was very fun. I had to make sure I made the right size for the actors phone, and had to make sure certain aspects were going to be seen through the camera.

The sound engineer apparently had issues fitting the mics on certain films, so I sat down and made sure I was able to trick the eye and hide the mics when I needed to. This process was very time consuming, due to the fact that you can't solely rely on After Effects, and have to make screens to where it can artificially write it out.

Artificial Malice Practical & VFX Reel

I wanted to consolidate my favorite practical and VFX moments that I created for the movie. The video showcases the different styles and variations of effects - such as tracking and content-aware-fill. All of the renders were created in After Effects.

Artificial Malice Trailer

The Process

30 second trailers are a bit difficult, but make for a better teaser knowing you can hide certain aspects of the movie.

I wanted to make a thriller/creepy vibe from the 30 seconds and have the audience guessing what will happen. I'm not a fan of the trailers that essentially give away the ending, so this format helped quite a bit.