Big Lens Intermission Edit

Film Festival - Design, Video


To develop a 15 minute break between films, I was tasked with creating an intermission. We decided to go wacky with it, and give a Tim & Eric, Adult Swim-style feel. This also includes a bumper to a trailer that was promoted at the festival.

It was fun doing this behind the scenes, making sure we zoomed in at the right time, and dressing up as a shark was another thing I involved myself in.

For the intro, we used footage from the classic Lobby Intermission. I then took a screenshot and removed the characters from the background, blurred it to give an older feel. For the music, I went the creative commons route and used a non-copywritten version that someone played on the piano.

  • Location
    Big Lens Film Festival
  • Industry
    Film / Entertainment
  • Role
    VFX Artist, Video Editor