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There's always red tape and different obstacles to overcome when working with large companies. The challenge for this particular brand was to highlight the convention aspect and make it a standalone design.

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    Graphic Designer, Marketer, Web Developer

Brand Design

Process and Solutions

The exciting part of this refresh was that I had more room to do what I felt was best. The previous design was created by myself, but the ideas and solutions were not of my own.

We really needed green to come through, and I implemented these blues and greens to have more of a technical style. Highlighting the word 'con' in connect to showcase the convention aspect, and connecting the N's together tied into the name itself.

ComplyConnect 2023 Logo and Brand Design

Website Design & Development

Process and Solution

The current website is currently up-to-date with the 2023 brand refresh. I had to develop this website from scratch in 2022, and there was a big kicker. Due to the red tape in the corporate world, we got approval on doing the website, and they wanted the homepage and awards page up in less than 2 days.

The bootstrap framework came in clutch for this issue. I was able to get both pages up in the time that was asked. I then added pages when I got more information to add.

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ComplyConnect Website Design 2022