Athena's Corruption - Alt Trailer

Short Film Trailer - Design, Video


We wanted to create a separate trailer that was more fun to watch, and to get more time with certain characters. Short films range between 10-30 minutes, and there's hardly enough time to get to know everyone.

Skylar and Utsu are the Rogue and Monk in the story, and both actors played off each other very well. The Director (Slam Dunk Cinema) got them in an audio booth and had them improvise what to say while watching the original trailer.

I got to be very creative with this, and use my concept art for both Skylar and Utsu in the trailer itself. We wanted to make this more humorous and I think we pulled it off.

  • Company
    Slam Dunk Cinema
  • Industry
    Film / Entertainment
  • Role
    Video Editor