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Marketing campaigns are usually done by a team, but at this time - I was the only Marketing Specialist. I was tasked with an insane amount of tasks, and had to strategize my project management to achieve these results.

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    ARC Abrasives
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    Marketer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Video Editor
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Design Process

Funny story - this logo was created a year prior to any brand conversation, but they wanted another product that would fit under the full PREDATOR Abrasives brand. The brand is a mechanical wolf and the next product in line needed to be another ferocious animal.

It was originally called PREDATOR PRIMAL, but the legal team couldn't get it in time. I actually had to step in and talk with lawyers on different ideas we had, and I came up with AMBUSH. Primarily, a sabertooth tiger was an 'ambush predator', and had to use strategy to hunt. I thought it was perfect since we had a strategy on where this abrasive is best used, and who could benefit the most.


Campaign Information

The campaign deck was very intensive since I was in charge of every single marketing piece. I made sure to create a process and feedback loop that would work with any campaign moving forward. Happy to say that the proposed budget was a good amount, because we didn't spend every dollar. I cannot show the full plan due to confidentiality.

Online Assets

Google Ads

Part of the campaign process in conjunction with the video, was to create a set of Google ads that would head to the landing page. If a user searched up any phrase or keywords that we specified, they would start to see those ads.

There are many different types of sizes to choose from, so I choose the best performing sizes according to Google, and made sure the layout of each ad size matched appropriately.

AMBUSH Campaign Google Ads Design Marketing

FABshop Magazine Publication

Another step in the plan was to write a full press release. FABshop Magazine messaged me after my outreach wanting more information. I gave them photos I took, and the video link they could add. Happy to say that I have a published article that showcases the top benefits of a campaign I solely worked on.

Visit Publication (FABshop)

Download Publication

FABshop Magazine Grain Supreme Publication by Ashley Duncan

Commercial Video

The Process

I had a lot of work put into this video process. I started with the script to ensure we had the right message laid out. Once approved, I created storyboards to fit the narrative. The next steps were hiring a professional voice narrator that had the 'built Ford Tough' sound.

The next complicated step was to hire a 3D artist to create the 3D abrasive grains. I sketched out what I was looking for, as well as finding references to help out their process. This turned out beautifully.

I created the intro graphic for AMBUSH and attributes in After Effects, and everything else in Premiere Pro. I found free music to use and actually mixed a mechanical tiger noise and alarm right when the name is introduced. This gave the video a big punch that I was looking for. By utilizing Youtube paid ads for a week, as of now it has over 17,000 views.

Landing Page Web / UX

The Process

While creating the brand plan, I mocked up a quick wireframe that shows a very standard landing page, and the reasons why everything is laid out appropriately.

While dealing with anyone on an executive team or sales members, showing this process makes a lot of questions go away. Many people need visual aids to understand the how and why.

AMBUSH landing page wireframe information UX web design

The Landing Page

The ARC website is on Wordpress, so I developed a separate template in PHP in order to customize the experience. I took the commercial video and segmented out pieces to add to the header. When the campaign was live, a user could ask for the right samples to test out the product.

The original website hosts had some snags with mobility, so I developed some CSS and media queries to ensure the website was mobile friendly on a cellular device.

Visit Landing Page

AMBUSH landing page web design wordpress UX

Trinkets & Marketing Materials

Golf Kit & Remote-Controlled Cooler

Sales and golfing go hand-in-hand at higher executive functions, so the no-brainer was to purchase a golf kit that had our logo on the bag. The tee packets were inside, and we ordered custom golf balls with our primary pink.

The RC Cooler was one of the greatest finds for a giveaway. Built by C3 Custom Coolers, we were able to add our own colors and designs. Once delivered, I set up the cooler to ensure it was in working condition. It has bluetooth capability, nice weight distribution, and something unique in comparison to the typical Yeti coolers.

AMBUSH Marketing Golf Kit Trinkets
AMBUSH Marketing RC Cooler

T-Shirt Design

This was a fairly fun process. I researched different styles of Sabertooth tigers with an aggressive face, and drew an initial outline.

I then transferred it online where I used Illustrator to create the design. This design faired really well with the factory and customers.

AMBUSH shirt design marketing giveaway